led tennis court lighting

Most of the roofs on the site appear frequently in the athlete’s field of vision. Therefore, should be as far as possible to maintain not disorderly, especially should avoid high brightness on the ceiling light source. 

The background brightness of the watched ball should be as uniform as possible. From the point of view of tennis court lighting engineering, there are two methods to achieve this goal: first, the use of direct lighting from the sides of the site; 

Second, the use of light-emitting ceiling. The luminous type roof can be made up of a grille with a diffuse ceiling or a grating of a single light with a colored matte surface, and a straight-tube fluorescent or high-pressure gas discharge lamp can be used directly on the ceiling to illuminate directly. In order to get the appropriate illumination level for the end of the site, the luminaire must exceed the bottom line side led tennis court lightingwhich can be supplemented by some illumination above the ceiling. This approach is usually the most common from lighting and economic perspectives. 

In the case of a luminous ceiling, if the system provides a high illuminance level, the translucent diffuse material may be too bright to prevent such a situation, the ceiling of tennis court can be covered by vertical matte, if the indirect illumination is more difficult to use, and the utilization coefficient is lower than the direct illumination, Indirect lighting of energy efficient tennis court lighting is usually used when other lighting is not possible for architectural reasons, such as in inflatable structures or in a pavilion with a retractable roof. 

Due to the low utilization coefficient of indirect illumination, therefore, the use of high efficiency light source and high light output ratio of lamps in the inflatable structure of the museum direct illumination of the effective roof area is much larger than the regular pavilion, which means that in a lower ceiling brightness requirements, the entire site can reach a given illuminance level. 

If possible, it is recommended that indirect lighting be supplemented by a direct illumination section, which will enhance the icing on the stereo, which helps to visually perceive and improve the overall effectiveness of the device.

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