Led Street Lighting

In recent years, national policy has been pushing the wisdom of the city, and intelligent LED street light fixtures as a smart city construction of the most basic public facilities, natural attention.  According to the “Thirteen-Five” Urban green lighting planning outline goal, China will be 46% of the growth rate of 12 million new LED lights, and the transformation of 50% of the existing street lamps, the total size reached 29 billion yuan.  

The LED research Institute of Senior Engineers (GGII) expects that by 2020, China’s led intelligent street lamp market penetration rate will be raised to about 40%. In the face of huge market space, many led industry people are optimistic about the field of Intelligent Street lamp, even a large number of LED enterprises have begun to layout. Among them, with intelligent street lighting and many other intelligent integration system results of the enterprise xi’an Zhihai from the fore.

In recent years, in order to implement the “Twelve-Five” comprehensive work plan for energy saving and emission reduction, accelerate the development and application of new technologies and new products,  about actively responding to national policy, through the development of wholesale led street lights, and continuously realize the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.

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