high color performance

Stadium lighting should have high color performance. The color rendering performance of a venue lamp is an important physical and physical factor that affects the lighting quality of a stadium. The higher the color rendering performance of the stadium lamp, the clearer and truer the color of the surface of the object and the sphere is, the closer it is to the lighting quality and effect of the sunlight.

For the consideration of the color performance of the stadium lighting, the concept of the color rendering index is cited. To quantify the color rendering index, a color rendering index R-value was used to quantitatively measure the color rendering performance. The color rendering index R-value of sunlight is 100%, which is a measure of the color rendering performance of sports lights. The higher the R-value of the spotlight color index, the higher the color rendering performance of the stadium light.

High-end sports venues lighting design experience has shown that: Under the conditions of horizontal illumination and vertical illumination, sports lights with high color rendering performance are selected, and spotlights constructed with a matrix-type uniform lighting are used. The brightness, clarity, realism, and comfort of the lighting of the stadium are much higher than the lighting quality and lighting effects of the venue lights with low color rendering performance.

The site lighting design of high-end badminton halls, table tennis halls, basketball halls, and volleyball halls in some developed cities shows that the R-value of the color index of stadium lighting stadium lights should not be less than 70, should be above 80, and preferably reach above 85.

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