stadium lighting

The physical properties of light and color can meet the dynamic characteristics of stadium lighting and meet the four professional requirements for stadium lighting .

1. The color temperature of the light color of the stadium lights is around 6000K, which is close to the sunshine color of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., pure white, bright, clear, real and comfortable.

2. The spectral distribution is close to the energy structure of the visible spectrum of sunlight, and the color rendering performance is high. The color rendering index is over 85. The lighting color of the venue is pure, not red, not blue, true color.

3. The lighting of the site is not dazzling, blinding, dazzling or dazzling, and there is no dazzle hazard. To the sphere in the air, see, see clearly, see the truth, the ball hit accurately, hit steadily.

4, high-frequency electric drives (ballast) communication (AC), direct current (DC), AC (AC) transformation frequency, up to 45 cycles (kHz), above ground lights, smoothing, unstable fluctuation, no stroboscopic energy, no stroboscopic effect. The Led stadium lighting , the air sphere flight trajectory is real, the air positioning is accurate, the swing plays the ball, plays the ball accurately. Long time sports playing, comfortable vision, not fatigue, happy mood.

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