Sun Yang Asks To Raise The National Flag

In the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games swimming competitions , the situation continued. After the afternoon wind blows down the venue, the men’s 200m freestyle event award ceremony was re-emerged. At the award ceremony, during the flag-raising process, all three flags fell. Later, under the protest of the winner of the championship, Sun Yang, he even said three times more time (once again), and the scene was re-elected to celebrate the national anthem.

    The Asian Games in Jakarta is held at the Pangano Sports Center Swimming Center. Unlike the previously closed water project venues, this venue features a unique open design with good ventilation. However, on the afternoon of the first match day, a strong wind blew into the venue, and all the metal advertisement partitions that separated the venues were blown down.

In the evening award ceremony, the award ceremony for the first project of the women’s 1500 freestyle event was still in progress. However, in the second project men’s freestyle 200 meters award, when the volunteers played the song, two five-star red flags and a Japanese flag rose. I don’t know if the winds hit again, or the staff members made mistakes, and the three flags suddenly fell.

    Such an unexpected situation caused some embarrassment on the scene. The march of the Volunteers continued to be played, but the three flags failed to rise. For such a situation, the champion Sun Yang certainly cannot accept it. He immediately walked down the podium and communicated with the staff, strongly demanding that the national anthem be re-flagged. The organizer accepted his suggestion and re-launched the flag-raising ceremony.

    After the award ceremony for the women’s 200m backstroke, the flag-raising equipment has not recovered. The on-site staff can distinguish the ownership of gold, silver and bronze by different heights of the flag.

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