When you invest in LED lighting for your location, you are making a smart move. With the impressive lumen output and lower wattages consumed, this is an energy efficient solution ideal for almost any type of setting. While they are a long-lasting and powerful solution, that doesn’t mean they are completely failproof. 

One of the biggest concerns for this solution is failure due to a power surge. Let’s take a closer look at surge protection for LED fixtures.

What is a power surge?

What is surge protection in LED?

Surge Protection In LED Lights

Outdoor lights are susceptible to transient spikes by lightning strikes that are inductively coupled onto power lines. Surges can be caused by direct lightning, indirect  lightning or switching OFF/ON of mains supply.

Besides surges, if HV line touches LV line or if neutral connection is weak or floating the phase- Neutral voltages can go higher than prescribed limits of luminaire. For the purpose of this article we will focus on surge protection.

These surge voltage transients can destroy LED power supplies as well as the LED’s themselves. Due to the sensitive nature of LED lights, we  need to provide over voltage, over current, surge protection for LED lighting systems ,The most common type of surge protector contains a component called a metal oxide varistor or MOV, which diverts the extra voltage & energy  away from the device it is protecting. In case of LED Lights, it will protect LED Driver or LED itself.

Pyrotech provides SPD modules which shall give protection  in excess of 10kV. This protection is there between Phase-Neutral, Neutral-Earth & Phase-Earth. We offer these modules inbuilt inside the outdoor luminaires such as  street lightsflood lights etc.

Before we look at surge protection for LED, we need to understand a few basics. A power surge is an interference in the grid which causes a sudden and dramatic increase in the electrical charge of a power line. They are caused by several factors outside your control such as lightning strikes, downed power lines, wiring issues, and other factors. These events can wreak havoc on your light fixtures and lead to a shorter life span and even total failure.

Why is it important for LEDs?

The reason surge protection for LED is important is because of the overall designs of this lighting solution. While other lights use things like a robust core, high discharge, or ballast as the main component of their operation, LEDs use sensitive electronic components which are more vulnerable to power surges. 

A power surge protector will safeguard these sensitive elements from being fried or damaged in the event of a spike in electrical current. While your LED fixtures should have this protection, it is especially important any fixtures you have retrofitted to LED lamps. Surge protectors can be used on fixture types including HID retrofitted to LED lamps, LED drivers, electronic HID ballasts, and induction lighting ballasts.

How does it work?

A surge protector will offer a slight delay when a spike of electrical current comes through the system. This will help to slow it down and reduce any damage done to the internal components.

Surge protectors are a smart investment for any home or business using LED-based lighting to ensure a long-lasting fixture. Best of all, this is an affordable solution to add to your fixtures and easy to install.

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