LED street lights

In order to further open a new energy-saving journey, Taiwan’s Yunlin change mercury lamp with LED street light, it has been now installed.

     According to reports, Yunlin County, more than 80,000 mercury lamp retrofit LED lights completed, the county except four Lake Township did not apply, the remaining 19 towns and villages are refitted to Kurehu Township 7,661 a crown, followed by Shui Linxiang 7600, bucket 6976 six cities most, 6286 West town, 6273 Huwei town. 

The dress LED lights power 140W, 105W, 70W, 35W four to 35W LED street light, for example, the luminous rate can replace the 100W mercury lamp, 140W LED street lamp can replace the 300W mercury lamp. According to the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, 60% of this replacement is expected to save 63.46 million kilowatts of electricity per year, saving 88.67 million yuan of lamp charge and reducing the emission of over 30,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide. 

LED street lights on some crops caused by plant pumping high, unable to bud, unable to stop trouble, as long as farmers apply for the installation of sunshade, by the end of January has been installed 2275 surface, concentrated in Erlun Township, Lundu Township, Xiluo town Leafy vegetables and other production areas. The Public Works Department said that it is the first year to install LED street lamps and different seasons will continue to provide peasants with returns. Whenever necessary, blinds will be retrofitted. For the convenience of the public, every light is marked with its serial number and bar code.

      The use of energy saving LED street light, not only can enhance the lighting, but also save energy, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, greening the environment.

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