football stadium lighting system

When we watch the live broadcast screen in front of the TV, we also have to think about what conditions the outdoor football stadium lighting should have in order to meet the demands of the players, referees, live viewers, and broadcast footage.

The most important goal of the venue lighting system is to illuminate the venue, provide the media with high-quality digital video signals, and have no objectionable glare to the athletes and referees, and will not cause spillage and glare to the audience and the surrounding environment. You can consider using permanent lighting, temporary lighting, or a combination of both to supplement lighting.

The height of Lamp installation

The height of the fixture determines the success of the lighting system. The height of the luminaire frame or lamp post shall meet the angle from the center of the venue to the stadium auditorium direction and 25° from the horizontal plane. The height of the lamp frame or pole may exceed the minimum angle of 25°, but should not exceed 45°.

Consider camera angle

Lighting systems are usually divided into five levels (Class I – Class V). Two of these levels are high-quality television broadcasts. The other level does not require television broadcasting. When it is necessary to broadcast TV, in order to ensure that each camera receives enough light to record high-quality video, lighting design should take into account the actual camera position.

The primary goal of the football stadium lighting system is to ensure that the light on the sidelines and the bottom line of the site is symmetrical when it is necessary to add fixed cameras and field cameras. Does not affect the quality of digital video.

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