Intelligent lighting

"Intelligent lighting" is a hot word in the current lighting industry. The fundamental purpose of intelligent lighting is to make people's life more comfortable and convenient.

Below the big premise with current hot intelligence household, we mention intelligence illume, the easiest associate is domestic living environment, little imagine besides household environment, commercial space also suits to use intelligence illume very much.

What is intelligent lighting?

Always talking about smart lighting, do you know what smart lighting is?

Intelligent lighting refers to the presetting of program through computer, network, communication and other modern technologies. Lighting can be automatically controlled according to the use function of the area, different time nodes and outdoor brightness.

Why is smart lighting so popular? Just look at the advantages.

Intelligent control is more simple;

Improve management level, reduce maintenance costs;

(3) considerable energy saving effect;

(4) protect lamps and lanterns, prolong life;

Improve the display environment, improve the display effect;

6 easy installation, save cable;

7 use of safety, and fire system linkage.

The update of technology has created many possibilities for life. Intelligent lighting can provide users with more comfortable and convenient experience in the field of lighting.

The application of intelligent lighting in commercial lighting space

What will the intelligent lighting of commercial space look like? Professor rui will show you the intelligent lighting of commercial space from three aspects: performance, control and management, and data collection.

1. Performance

After the application of intelligent lighting in the store lighting, the brightness and color temperature of the light can be easily adjusted. Different light colors can be adjusted according to the atmosphere, product display or the needs of holidays, and even the color of the light can be changed according to music to create different atmosphere.

Intelligent lighting can bring more possibilities for lighting design and commodity display. However, in the past, the adjustment of lighting brightness and color temperature required the replacement of lamps and the re-construction of wiring.

Different products need different lights. With the update of new products, the lamps and lanterns supporting dimming and color temperature can be controlled by intelligent control to achieve twice the result with half the effort. Through the change of lighting, improve the store image.

2. Control and management

When talking about intelligent control, we first think of cloud control, inductive control, scene setting, etc. When these control methods are applied in the store, what effect can they bring?

1) induction control

The induction control design is composed of lamp modules with light control effect and human body induction ability. During the day, the light is turned off because of sufficient light intensity. At night, when the light is weak, the lamp's automatic control system will sense the human body's signal through the infrared ray, and the lamp will turn on automatically.

How does induction control work in commercial space? Take the case of Windows.

At night, when pedestrians pass by the window, the originally dark window suddenly lights up, and the light turns on with the movement of pedestrians. Such an application makes the originally dull window more interesting and easier to attract consumers.

2) cloud control

As the name suggests, the cloud control is to remotely control the lamps and lanterns through the gateway. When the commodities on display are changed, the lights need to be adjusted according to the characteristics of the commodities. At this time, only the lamps and lanterns need to be controlled through the cloud.

3) scene setting

Scene setting refers to that the lighting required for different scenes is preset when setting the lights. When the scene changes, the scene light can be switched through the control panel to save the time of lowering the light.


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