stadium lights

An overview of lighting characteristics of indoor sports venues lighting, table tennis, basketball and volleyball and other spheres in the air is a multiple direction, Multi-angle flight.

 The athlete is also many angles, many opposite, at different speed movement. The human eye and the badminton and the table tennis body are always a tracking and catching focus imaging process. The process of athlete’s playing is to follow the course of basketball and volleyball, such as ball flight track and aerial positioning.

This is the Badminton hall, the table Tennis Hall, the basketball stadium, the volleyball and the tennis sports hall and so on, indoor sports stadium illumination prominent characteristic. This requires indoor sports stadiums stadium lighting quality, as a whole to achieve as the day, light color pure white, pure color, bright and clear.

The light is stable and smooth without fluctuation, and there is no danger of stroboscopic effect. Sports lighting does not produce glare, no glare harm, sports field lighting is not dazzling, not dazzling, not dazzling, not dazzling. Stadium lighting visual Three-dimensional sense of the strong. To ensure that badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball and other bodies, in the air flight trajectory is true, do not drag tail, not ghosting, aerial positioning true and accurate. Players can play the ball well, play steadily, visual comfort not fatigue.

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