400W Metal Halide Light

400W metal halide lamp, is a high-pressure mercury lamp based on the addition of metal halide elements made of sports lights. Luminescence mechanism is: discharge tube of metal elements, excited by the electric field, the energy transition to issue a metal atomic signature spectrum.

 400W metal halide lamp, the nominal color temperature is not high, in the 4000K-4500K range. However, the spectral distribution of the light spectrum of the metal atoms deviates more seriously from the energy structure of sunlight visible light. The spectrum contains more blue light, light color, bright and graceful bias of cyan. The light color is neither the noon sun color nor the morning sun light and the evening sun light.

 400W metal halide lamp for venue lighting, bright and shiny metal lighting is particularly significant, low quality lighting. Because 400W metal halide lamp glare energy, will be in multiple locations and angles, resulting in glare, dazzling light curtain. Glare serious harm to seriously affect sports play. Because 400W metal halide light color is not correct, tend to cyan. Light color rendering performance is low, can not truly display the true color of the object. Stadium space and space objects surface color, unrealistic, produce color cast, color dull. Because of the low visible light ratio of 400W metal halide lamp, the effective visual light efficiency is low, containing more invisible light fog. Venue lighting effects, a faint sense of dimness. Brightness, clarity, truth, comfort are relatively low.

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