Led Light with a Lens

If the LED flood light has a lens, the concentrating effect will be better, the light in the lens illumination range will be relatively uniform, and the scattering will be strong without the lens. For example, if there is no lens, maybe the whole room is bright, but the brightness is not good, but the reading is not visible, the lights are dazzling, the lens and the collecting bowl are added, and the illumination area is reduced to a table. , but this area is very bright and can be seen clearly.

In addition to the concentrating light with a lens, there is a characteristic that the light source is distributed very evenly, and the light is not strong in some places, and the light is weak in some places. The light of a car without a lens is scattered, and the light source is not well controlled.

Whether the car headlights have a lens, in fact, it is decided from the moment the car leaves the factory. Generally speaking, it is a low-beam lens, and the high beam does not have a lens, just like the Toyota Prado, the low beam is a lens, the high beam Without a lens.

Why do you need a lens with a low beam? Because the low beam is the most commonly used, when there is near light, there is a very obvious tangent. Why is it tangent? That is to say, the excess light is cut off, and when we use the near light, it will not affect the illumination of the opposite car.

The high beam generally has no lens, because the high beam does not need to cut the line, and it is not necessary to cut off the excess light.

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