stadium lights

The stadium lights are flashing, indicating that the lights are moving. Fluctuating stadium lights can have a stroboscopic effect. The damage of stroboscopic effect is mainly manifested in two aspects in stadium lighting.

First, when the flight speed and rotation speed of the ball in the air, such as badminton and table tennis, resonates with the strobe frequency of stadium lights, the trajectory of the ball will not be true. The visual object of the sphere flying in the air is not a sphere flying, but a small tail trailing behind the sphere.

The location of the sphere in the air will be affected by the wrong vision phenomenon caused by the damage to the site light stroboscopic effect. The air position is not correct, the players swing the ball, the result is the empty phenomenon.

Second, the strobe effect produces visual fatigue. Severe cases can also cause migraines and emotional distress. Reduce players’ preferences for stadiums.

Badminton courts, table tennis room and other sports venues lighting engineering experience tells us: glowing stadium lights for AC drivers, driver (ballast) AC (AC), direct current (DC), AC (AC) transformation frequency, less than 40000 kilohertz (kHz), will produce different extent of stroboscopic energy and stroboscopic effect. The lower the conversion frequency, the more serious the stroboscopic effect is. The 50Hz power frequency alternating current, directly driving the luminescent stadium lights, stroboscopic energy, and stroboscopic effect are the most serious hazards.

The lighting experience of high-end sports venues in developed cities has proved that technical measures are taken to eliminate the damage caused by the stroboscopic effect of stadium lights. One is to use dc drive luminescence, two is to choose the high-frequency drive. If the lamp of badminton courts, table tennis room lamp, the lamp of the basketball court, volleyball lamp, with the high-frequency electronic driver (ballast), frequency conversion can be higher than 40 cycles (Khz) above, can eliminate the stadium lights the stroboscopic effect of the hazards.

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