lighting design of golf course lighting

For golf course lighting design, the focus of attention is of course the effect of its lighting, including the level of illuminance, illuminance uniformity and consistency, glare on the players, the impact of spillover light on the surrounding environment.

Because of the characteristics of the golf itself, the different areas of the LED golf course lighting requirements are different, tee, fairway, green have different lighting requirements.

The requirement of the vertical illumination in the actual design is very important, it plays a key role in judging the ball’s flight trajectory and placement, this is a point that the night-view golf must consider, and it is a place that most lighting designers can easily overlook. Glare is another issue that must be taken into account in the design of LED lighting for golf courses, which is one of the most frequently complained by golfers. In sports lighting design, the definition of glare and the standard of numerical requirements is FIFA’s stadium lighting standards.

The main factors that affect glare include glare control characteristics, lighting design and surrounding environment. At present, there are two kinds of glare control methods: built-in glare controller and internal and external combination glare controller, the actual test shows that the inner and outer combination glare controller has better control effect on light. For the high power LED flood light for golf course, we choose Level-8 Glare Controller for the table and fairway, for the green, TLC glare Controller is used to better achieve the lighting control effect.

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