heat of high power LED flood light

Let me make a simple analysis of what the LED cooling is related to? Related to the material is the thermal conductivity silica gel or solder paste and radiator, space is related to the working environment.

Can use the solder paste will not say, with the thermal conductivity of silicone should be carefully selected, the market is common 0.8 of the thermal conductivity, you can choose better, high cost. Radiator is large enough, materials can choose aluminum can also choose copper. Space as far as possible ventilation, not too airtight. 

Generally you can control the work temperature under 50 Celsius is very good. Is the LED flood light strong light hot? Will it burn? There is no need to worry about this problem, some LEDs have their own intelligent regulation, for the heat of the big, in the design time has been done to heat.

 LED itself is a cold light source, the so-called cold light source just refers to the light that it emits is very low, but does not mean that the LED itself is not hot, but generally for the common led light-emitting tube led itself is very low calorific value, the tube body itself is enough heat dissipation, But for high-power led (0.5W or more) must be in the LED group (0.5W or more LEDs are multiple led light-emitting bodies together) of the heatsink (to the 0.5W led with the heatsink) on the installation of radiator LED can be long-term stable work. Can look at the adjustable brightness of the LED light bulb, very practical. Razorlux high power led flood light, truly safe, practical, long service life, a good solution to the problem of heat dissipation.

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