LED light

Lighting has always been a rigid requirement, until Edison invented the light before forming an industry. Light products from the initial development of incandescent tungsten filament to energy-saving fluorescent lamps, and now the LED lights, the lighting industry has also developed from zero into a big market of hundreds of billions of dollars level.


In incandescent and fluorescent lamps era, due to the need for manufacturers to design and manufacture of products to ensure the stability and durability of light sources, Europe and the United States with the accumulation of technology companies and the history of the accumulated brands and channels, occupy most of the market, Formed a Philips, GE, Osram and other lighting giants. In the era of LED lamp, with the support of the engineer bonus and the government’s spared no efforts, China has gradually kept up with the technology and surpassed the developed countries in Europe, the United States, Japan and Japan. The quality of its products is not worse than in Europe and the United States, but the cost is lower and the service is better. As for the chip, package to light, the entire LED industry chain have basically moved to China.


Domestic lighting market is huge. According to the LED data of the senior engineers, China LED general lighting market reached 204 billion yuan in 2016, the penetration rate of LED is 44%. At present, the cost of LED lamp is almost the same as that of the traditional light bulb. It is estimated that the penetration rate of LED lighting in China will reach 60 % -70%, LED general lighting in the next few years will maintain double-digit growth.


The competition pattern in the lighting industry is fragmented. At present, the market share of the industry leader is only about 3%. The reason for this is mainly because, in the traditional light source era, the light source was monopolized by three major manufacturers: Philips, GE and OSRAM. Competitiveness. China’s grasp of LED technology has broken the original competitive landscape, greatly reducing the technical threshold of light source, the industry chain of speech shifted to the lamp manufacturers closer to the terminal, lighting manufacturers have the opportunity to improve product design, channel management and brand marketing Market share.


On the other hand, with the improvement of national income per capita, the demand for quality of life of Chinese people continues to increase. When choosing lamps and lanterns, more attention is paid to brand and product design. The living space of cottage products is compressed. With the rise of raw material costs, Environmental requirements increase, many small factories have also been forced to withdraw from the market. In fact, LED lighting penetration rate has risen rapidly since 2012, the first echelon lighting business market share steadily increased with the withdrawal of European and American manufacturers and cottage small plant, the future is expected to accelerate this trend.


After years of development, the lighting market in the United States has formed several luminaries manufacturers with revenues of several tens of billions, such as Cooper, Haber and Brighton Lighting. With the favorable competitive landscape, the LED lighting market in China is expected to emerge soon Even several leading manufacturers comparable with the international giants.


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