trade war

The weather has just warmed up in 2018, and the US president has brought a bad news to Sino-US trade.

At noon on March 22, local time, US President Trump officially signed a trade memorandum on China at the White House, announcing that it will impose tariffs on US$60 billion of goods imported from China and impose restrictions on Chinese investment in the United States.

In response to this “trade war“, on the morning of March 23, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced a list of suspension concessions for the US import of steel and aluminum products 232 measures, and proposed to impose tariffs on US imports of about US$3 billion.

Affect the industry, not involved in the LED industry

From the signing of the memorandum, it is the first to target the Chinese plan to impose a 25% additional tariff, especially in the aerospace, information and communication technology, and machinery sectors.

Industries with a high trade share will also be affected. From the current Sino-US trade industry structure, China’s exports to the United States are mainly machinery and equipment (according to the classification of mainly household appliances, electronics, etc., accounting for 48% of total exports) and miscellaneous products (12%), textiles ( 10%), metal products (7%), etc. US exports to China mainly focus on machinery and equipment (30%, mainly capital goods), transportation equipment (20%), chemical products (10%), plastics and rubber products (5%);

Domestic LED companies are basically unaffected

This time, the United States has imposed trade tariff products in China, although it does not seem to involve LED lighting related industries. However, from the overall reaction of A-share LED listed companies’ stocks, the LED lighting industry has been affected.

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