sports stadium lighting

LED Stadium lighting, lighting can be said that the quality requirements of the lighting, each lamp power, with metal halide lighting from 250W ~ 2000W range; contrast requirements are relatively high, the quality of light color temperature stability, generally about 4000 ° K, was significantly Color index of ≥ 65% (≥ 80%) or more; ball sports must eliminate the stroboscopic effect; glare level must be as small as possible, GR <50 for the eligibility criteria! Similarly, badminton hall lighting requirements even more so, no glare, no glare, energy efficient!

The traditional high pressure sodium lamp ushered in the replacement cycle. The characteristics of high-pressure sodium lamp led to the entire stadium is difficult to carry out regional dimming, court lighting can only cause full power output waste a lot of energy consumption. To that end, the stadium explores a more flexible and sustainable stadium lighting solution.

After learning about the importance of lighting for court performance, the club decided to adopt the latest lighting solutions using the LED sports lighting. This advanced combination fully meets the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals and gives the stadium a convenient way to choose the right brightness for club training and different events without the need for safety, lighting quality and comfort Worry. The ultra-high lighting flexibility offered by Zhihai Power Technology provides instant remote scene control for every sports field lighting in every training ground at Spartan clubs.

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