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What Is The Standard For The 11-A-Side Football Field Lighting?

The World Cup is in full swing in Russia. Many of the world’s top teams have lost their forefathers and failed to play their due standards. As a result, the prospects cast a shadow on the prospects! Where there are shadows, the coordination of lights is naturally needed. Football matches and professional football field lighting are essential. What impact does the football field lighting have on lighting?

What is the standard of football stadium lighting?

(1) Leveling uniformity of the football stadium lights

Horizontal illuminance is the value measured when the illuminometer is placed horizontally above the site. Usually measure and calculate the maximum value, minimum value and average value of the illumination of the site.

(2) The variation coefficient of football lighting

Football is a high-speed sport that maintains a well-balanced illuminance of the venue, which helps improve the athlete’s playing status and shoot high-quality video recordings.

(3) Vertical illumination of football stadium lights

The vertical illuminance of the field camera is the vertical illuminance of the athlete. The vertical illumination helps to capture the close-ups of the moments in motion during the game, especially facial expressions. These pictures are captured by the site camera. A large change in vertical illumination will result in poor digital video quality. Designers must consider the illuminance balance in all directions to reduce the illuminance imbalance when shooting on the field camera.

(4) Football field lighting fixed camera vertical illumination

The vertical illuminance on the field captured by the edge line and the goal line camera is classified as the vertical illuminance of the fixed camera. These camera lenses must cover the entire game during the game. Too much variation in vertical illumination will result in poor digital video quality. Designers must consider the illumination balance in all directions to reduce the imbalance of illumination when shooting on fixed cameras.

(5) Color temperature of football field lighting

The color temperature is a feeling or phenomenon that describes the warm (red) or cold (blue) illuminance. The unit is Kelvin (Tk). In front of the digital camera technology, the camera can be adjusted according to the actual color temperature and contrast. Get the desired ideal color quality. For outdoor stadiums with all competition levels, Tk ≥ 4000 can meet the demand.

(6) Color index of football stadium lighting

The color rendering index is the ability of an artificial lighting source to imitate natural light. In fact, the range of color rendering index is Ra20~Ra100. The higher the color rendering index is, the better the color of light is.

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