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For tennis court, we must consider the size of the lighting. Tennis court lighting is engineered specifically for indoor and outdoor tennis court lighting. And tennis court lighting is designed to throw the light forward toward the court which reduces light pollution.

A tennis court isn't complete without our high quality and energy-efficient recreational LED lighting. Razorlux LED Flood Lights for Tennis Courts. Superior quality LED Floodlights, Custom Lighting Designs to suit your requirements. For more tennis court lighting design details, please visit the following essays.

indoor tennis court lighting

What are the lux level of indoor tennis court lighting?

Illumination standard of the tennis court lighting (GB):

Amateur competition (training): 150lx-300lx, general competition: 300lx-500lx,

Official competition: 500-750-higher (1500lx).

Auditorium 30lx-100lx.

 How to install tennis court lighting fixtures?

Tennis court lighting  just like the air. Its existence is almost forgotten. On the contrary, when the lighting of the venue is not so professional, it will become hazy and it can be felt for the first time. Therefore, the comfort and professionalism of lighting speak for the importance of professional venues.

How To Light Up A Tennis Court With Tennis Court Lighting?

Tennis courts would like artificial lighting as a result of the dearth of daylight. An honest lighting provides enticing surroundings for players. A tennis ball is extremely tiny and moves quick. thus it's exhausting to trace the sport. At now, adjusting the lighting level and mistreatment different colors build it easier a touch.

outdoor tennis court lighting

  What Is The Illumination Of Indoor Tennis Court Lighting ?

Indoor tennis courts lighting can generally be placed on both sides of the site, it is more suitable for the placement of straight fluorescent lamps or installation of high-intensity gas discharge lamps (such as floodlight), can also be directly in the ceiling of the indoor installation of lamps, if the use of ceiling cloth lamp.

 How to light up an outdoor tennis court with tennis court lights?

Many customers came to us and asked us to provide outdoor tennis court lights . Some customers don't really know much about the lighting and lighting of outdoor tennis courts.

First of all, we need to know the area of the tennis court and calculate the lighting, so that we can recommend which kind of lighting.


How to light up an indoor tennis court lighting with 400 watts led flood light?

Construction of Stadium lighting, Razorlux company adopted strict standards, design and build lighting system, so that the whole tennis court lighting and the surrounding environment seamless, tennis court lighting lightbox with 400W led flood light, waterproof and anti-dew design, with focused reflector, aluminum anti-rust light box, 3 mm thick reinforced glass, Long service life.

outdoor tennis court lights

How to light up an indoor tennis court lighting?

Indoor tennis courts need artificial lighting because of the lack of sunlight. A good lighting provides an attractive environment for players. A tennis ball is very small and moves fast. Therefore it is hard to track the game. At this point, adjusting the lighting level and using contrasting colors make it easier a bit. Generally, tennis courts need 500-600 lux light level with 0.6-0.7 uniformity ratio.

How to light up indoor tennis court?

For over 50 years, most tennis courts around the world have been lighted with Metal Halide (MH) fixtures, yet few who use them understand their unique qualities. They may seem to last endlessly, but that’s far from the truth. Nowadays, we use led flood light in tennis court lighting.

What Are The Arrangement Standard of Tennis Court Lighting?

This program is a set of 8 special lighting solutions for tennis courts . It adopts standard configuration pole height: 6 meters, light source power: 400W lamps: 8 sets of lighting fixtures for tennis courts are evenly arranged to ensure that the venues are evenly distributed and the light distribution is reasonable.

 How to design outdoor tennis court lighting?

Surrounding outdoor tennis courts around the screen height is generally 4-6 meters, visual field surrounding the environment (trees or building height) may be appropriate to change. Tennis court lighting stadiums  need to be installed, in addition to the distribution of indoor roof lamps, outdoor stadium and end of the line should not be set on both sides of lamps.

In order to design an excellent tennis court lighting, you may need these products:

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