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LED Lighting for Golf Courses and Driving Ranges

LED Outdoor Sports Lighting

The prospect of golfing at night can help to expand the appeal and functionality of the sport, not only to those who are unable to play during the day due to tight schedules but also to those who prefer to play when the temperatures are much cooler at night.

In fact, most of the golfers in the Southern region of the U.S. prefer to start playing early in the day to avoid the high temperatures experienced from noon onward.

These are just some of the many reasons why night-golfing under high-powered LED lights have become so popular. They basically allow all players, regardless of their situation, to indulge in the sport of their choice when temperatures are a bit more comfortable.

Benefits of LED lighting on golf courses and driving ranges

High powered LED systems similar to those installed on the prestigious golf course in Turkey, are capable of generating sufficient amounts of light for night golfing events while consuming almost 50%-70% less energy than conventional outdoor golf course lighting systems.

These LED luminaries can also be regulated using smart systems that can distinguish between nighttime light emitted by the moon and other sources, and then make the proper LED lighting adjustments for ambient conditions.

LED lights can also complete illumination nearly instantly after power has been fed to them. This enables golf course managers to turn them on and off rapidly as needed. Furthermore, it helps to reduce energy consumption.

As golf courses continue to look for ways to improve their overall appeal to different sports fans who can always opt for other athletic events, the prospect of being able to play at night can help to increase the overall appeal of the game.

LED lights are also ideal for driving ranges since events can continue to take place all through the night. In addition, people will also be a bit pleased to find out that they do not need to quit while they are ahead.


Glare has always been a concern when it comes to overhead golf course driving range lighting . However, with the LED lighting manufactures we work with provide way less glare than most other competing products.

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