flood lights installation

LED outdoor flood lights, relative to the more unique design of the cooling body, the perfect combination with the power supply, more effective diffusion of heat spread, thereby reducing the temperature of the lamp body, it is an effective guarantee of the life of the light source and power supply. Flood lighting should not “submerge objects in a sea of light”. Floodlighting should show the contours of the various planes and components of an object by using more or less light or shade, respectively, from adjacent areas. Then when installing outdoor led flood lightsneed to pay attention to the following places:

1, the incident angle

As shadows highlight the facade, lighting should be capable of providing surface imaging, and light striking the façade at right angles will not shade and flatten the surface.


The shadow size depends on the surface relief and the angle of incidence of the light. The average lighting direction angle should be 45 °. If the minimum fluctuation, the angle should be greater than 45 °.


2, lighting direction

To make the surface illumination appear balanced, all shadows should be projected in the same direction and all luminaires that illuminate the surface in a projection area should have the same projection direction. For example, if two lights are aimed symmetrically at a certain surface in the vertical direction, the shadow will be reduced and confusion may occur. So may not be able to see the surface ups and downs. However, large protrusions can create large, dense shadows, and to avoid damaging the integrity of the façade, it is advisable to weaken the shades by providing weaker illumination at an angle of 90 ° to the primary light.e, wide range, good illumination, and good stability. The lamp housing is made of die-cast aluminum and is highly antiseptic and waterproof.

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