Putin Issued An Ultimatum

The British poison incident, which once made the world pay attention to it, has been wiped out by the time in the past few months, but when people have forgotten this matter, the United States once again took the British poison that happened in March.

The incident was placed on the international stage and the incident was used to impose the latest sanctions on Russia, which wanted to block all exports between the United States and Russia.

The reason for the United States to give the world is that “the British poison incident is what Russia did.” There is no evidence to be announced, but only by mouth.

On August 9th, the US State Department stated to Russia that Russia wants to exempt the United States from downgrading Russia’s diplomatic ranks, and should state that it will not use chemical weapons in the future. The US State Department said that this is the ultimatum of the United States to Russia.

If Russia does not comply, the United States will conduct a second round of sanctions against Russia (downgrading the diplomatic relations between the United States and Russia).

In this regard, Moscow asked the United States, Russia to declare to the United States what kind of non-applicable chemical weapons, so that you can not let the United States not sanction Russia!

For the Russian question, the US State Department spokesman Heather Neut held a press conference on August 9 to clarify the rejection of Russia’s problems and refused to answer. The report said that Heather ∙nultt was asked by the Russian News Agency “How should Russia guarantee to the United States that it can get the so-called recognition of American law”, Heather ∙ Nolte gave: “I have no comment. “Yes, I am so tough and willful.

On the same day, Moscow also began to strongly accuse the United States, saying that in order to target Russia, the United States fabricated the words that Russia seems to use chemical weapons in Salisbury, England, and used this statement to impose sanctions on Russia. Do not passively beat and will fight back.

According to the latest report of the Russian satellite agency on August 10, Moscow is already studying new measures to respond to US sanctions against Russia. The report stressed that the response measures will be reciprocal.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Zaharova also said that Washington’s intention to impose a new round of sanctions against Russia due to the Salisbury incident is a conspiracy between the United States and Britain. What do you think of this matter?

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