led tunnel lighting

Problems that should be paid attention to in tunnel lighting design

Unlike ordinary road lighting, led tunnel lighting because of its 24 hours must be light, daytime lighting intensity is stronger than the night lighting intensity instead, to similar tunnel power costs become one of the most important aspects of the operating costs; In addition, tunnel lighting is different from general road lighting, which has its obvious particularity, including the ability to adapt people to light and shade, the space and lighting of light and shade transition, etc.

All of these are reflected in the design of tunnel lighting, which is inseparable to the safety of users. Tunnel lighting is usually divided into entrance lighting, internal lighting and exit lighting. Among them, the entrance lighting requirements are very strict, the requirements from the outside and similar brightness gradually reduced.

Highway tunnel lighting has its characteristics, it is different from ordinary road lighting. Design considerations include the following:

1. The road surface shall have a certain brightness level;

2. Tunnel walls should have certain brightness levels;

3. Design speed, traffic volume, line shape and other influencing factors;

4. Comprehensively determine the lighting level from the aspects of driving safety and comfort;

5. Human visual adaptability, especially at tunnel entrance and exit sections;

6. The tunnel also needs lighting during the day, and the problem of lighting during the day is more complicated than that at night.

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