monitoring system of LED stadium lights

Soccer lighting in the field of football lighting and outdoor football field lighting, venues different installation lights are not the same way. The standard should be based on the use of the football field to determine the standard of lighting, probably divided into seven levels, training and entertainment activities illuminance 200LX, amateur games 500LX, professional competition 750LX, General TV broadcast 1000LX, large international competition high-definition TV broadcast 1400LX,TV emergency 750LX.

The stadium uses the lamp generally to 1000W, the 1500W metal halide lamp casts the light, the position of the lamp can be installed on the roof edge of the stands, two kinds of way is installed on the top of the stand, the pole is mounted on the pitch for four weeks, and the quantity and power of the cloth lamp are determined according to different requirements of football stadium lights. The following are listed in the general stadium lamp high pole cloth lamp.

One: The light pole is arranged in the four corners of pitch 

 According to the course evenly not only, the cloth lamp and the stadium, pack 4 sets of lights, each group of high pole lamp 5 lights to cast light.

Two: 4 Group of light cloth and football field on both sides of each group of light pole mounted 5 metal halide lamp lights, power generally used 1000W, 1500W or 2000W metal halide lighting source.

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