tennis court lighting layout

Tennis is a small ball movement with high speed, need to judge in a very short time the direction of the ball, so the tennis needs high visual effect, for indoor tennis court light layout should be careful not to decorate the basic competition area lights, if the game area above the stadium lighting, lighting will bring serious glare to the athletes.

Therefore, indoor tennis courts can generally be located on both sides of the venue to decorate the tennis court lights for sale, and cannot be vertically projected on the ceiling, and the installation height of the lamp should not be less than 9 meters. According to the national standard illumination requirements, indoor tennis court in the entertainment mode of 300LX; the training mode is 500LX; The match mode is 750LX.

Lighting is required for indoor tennis courts and outside courts when no natural light is available. It is important because of it:

– extends the playing time of a court;

– attracts more coaches and players; and

– achieves an increase in revenue from court hiring fees.

usta tennis court lighting standards

Some National Associations and governments have set different requirements for indoor or outdoor lighting and may use different units of measurement. However, as a guide, the following shows the minimum standards according to the European Standard for Sports Lighting, EN 12193:2008 where:

Class I: Top-level national and international competitions (non-televised) with requirements for spectators with potentially long viewing distances.

Class II: Mid-level competition, such as regional or local club tournaments. This generally involves medium-sized numbers of spectators with average viewing distances. High-level training may also be included in this class.

Class III: Low-level competition, such as local or small club tournaments. This does not usually involve spectators. General training, school sports, and recreational activities also fall into this class.

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