600w led flood lights

Xi’an Zhihai Power Technology Co.,Ltd. is a registered capital of High-tech industries. Headquartered in Xi’an City, Shaan xi Province, China is committed to led energy-saving floodlight lighting research and development and production, the production of LED lighting types are: LED industrial light, LED lights, led floodlight, as well as sport lighting products.

Led floodlight, is a kind of special light with excellent heat dissipation function, it is often used by people in the industry, led floodlights not only have good lighting, high concentration, but also very The environmental protection, the light is very pure, to ensure people safe operation.

Advantages of Razorlux LED flood lights

1, led floodlights are durable, long life. Razorlux LED flood lights used in high-quality LED lamps are made of high quality aluminum shell, the performance of all aspects are relatively stable, its surface after finishing paint processing, long time no discoloration.

2, led floodlights have a certain explosion-proof performance. Taking into account the particularity of the use of lighting locations, when we make the led floodlight, using a special structural design, and the use of tempered glass to make the lamp shade, coupled with the die-casting process of making. The performance of led floodlightfinished products is relatively stable, very easy to use, high safety factor.

3, led flood light of high efficiency, with good environmental performance, longer life.

4, led floodlight is easy to use. We led the floodlight high luminous efficiency, with good environmental performance.

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