100w led street light

Compared with the traditional high-pressure led street lamp, led street light fixtures has the following advantages: 

(1) as a semiconductor element, theoretically, the effective life of LED lamps can reach 50,000 hours, more than 15,000 hours of high-pressure sodium lamp far higher. 

(2) compared with high-pressure sodium lamp, LED light color index can reach more than 80, quite close to natural light, in such light, the recognition of human eyes can be effectively played to ensure road traffic safety. 

(3) When the street lamp opens, the high-pressure sodium lamp needs a preheating process, its light from dark to Ming need a certain time, not only caused the waste of electricity, but also affected the effective development of intelligent control. In contrast, led street lights in the open instant can achieve the best light, there is no so-called start-up time, so can achieve good intelligent energy-saving control. 

(4) from the luminous mechanism, the high-pressure sodium lamp is mercury vapor glow, after the light source is discarded, if it can not be effectively treated, will inevitably cause the corresponding environmental pollution. LED, such as the use of solid-state lighting, there is no harmful to the human body, is a green light source. 

(5) from the optical system, the light source of high-pressure sodium lamp belongs to the omni-directional light-emitting, more than 50% of the light needs to be reflected by the reflector to illuminate the ground, in the reflection process, will inevitably lose a part of the light, affecting its utilization. LED street lights are one-way light-emitting, light can direct directional irradiation, so the utilization rate is relatively high. 

(6) in the high-pressure sodium lamp, the light distribution curve needs to be decided by the reflector, therefore, there are a lot of limitations; in the LED lamp, the use of distributed light source, through the effective design of various electric light source, can make the lights of the lamp to present an ideal state, to achieve a reasonable adjustment of the distribution curve, control the distribution of light, In the effective range of illumination, illuminance is relatively uniform.

 (7) At the same time, LED street lights have a more complete automation control system, according to different periods and lighting conditions, the brightness of the lighting adjustment, can play a good energy-saving effect.

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