High-power LED Stadium Lights

1,400W Metal Halide Lamp: The color temperature is around 4500K and the color rendering index is about 50. Lighting effects are not true colors. There are stroboscopic hazards, glare hazards, light prick eyes, eye shadows. Badminton air positioning are not allowed, often can not hit the ball.

2, T5 straight tube row lights: color temperature at about 6500K, color rendering index 75–82 or so. There are different degrees of stroboscopic hazards, glare hazards more obvious. There are multiple angles and locations of light prick eyes, dazzling eyes, can not hit the ball.

3, high-frequency electrodeless lamp: the color temperature is about 5500K-6500K, color rendering index 75–82 or so. No stroboscopic effects. More obvious glare damage, light prick eyes, shame, often appear to hit the ball phenomenon.

4, high-power stadium lights:  color temperature at 6000K, the sun color, color rendering index of 85 or more. No stroboscopic hazards, no glare hazards. Lighting effect is not dazzling eyes, do not shake eyes. Badminton air flight trajectory is true, accurate positioning of the air, the ball hit the standard.

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