LED high bay lights

Definition of LED high bay light:

LED high bay light refers to the lamps used in the production operations of factories, mines, warehouses and high sheds. LED industrial and mining lights have high efficiency and energy saving. The 100w industrial and mining lamps are equivalent to traditional 250W industrial and mining lamps.

Advantages of led high bay light:

Most of the LED high bay lights are made of high-power lamp beads, and they use imported semiconductor crystals. They have high thermal conductivity, small light decay, no ghosting. Its color is very good, for any physical material color.

The rendering is very realistic and there are many light colors to choose from, no matter what the environment can be used, which eliminates the depressive emotion brought by the traditional lamps to the staff, thus improving the work efficiency of the staff, the LED lamp itself is used. It is a cold light source, and the temperature of the lamp is lower than the conventional one and is also safer.

Today’s workshops and workshops have raised the requirements for lighting functions from the most basic “with lights” to high quality, high efficiency and energy saving.

The professional lighting system mainly created by LED industrial and mining lamps can not only improve the efficiency of personnel operations, but also play a very important role in reducing the failure rate, ensuring the safety of operations, and reducing the operating costs of enterprises!

And here is a magical LED high bay light, which can greatly improve the efficiency of the workshop, and it is also quite energy-saving and energy-saving. It has become a “standard” luminaire for factory lighting and venue lighting. Even if it appears in Shangchao, it has no “disagreement” with the exquisite commercial environment. So, take a quick look at it – LED high bay light , a “secret” that increases the efficiency of the workshop by 40%.

How can the factory of efficiency reduce the high illumination and good light!

Whether the quality of the lamp is good or not, whether the illumination is sufficient, and whether the color temperature is suitable, etc., directly affects the work efficiency of the workshop staff, and the mouth can be said to be without the help of the following figure.

The LED high bay light has obviously not let us down, and all aspects have guaranteed its good light: 4mm tempered glass panel, the light transmittance is over 93%, and the light source is protected with high intensity, and the service life of the lamp is more than 50,000 hours.

A variety of lenses are available for selection, with different angles of reflectors to ensure uniform light output, and easy to achieve diversification of beam angle (25 °, 45 °, 60 °, 90 °, 100 °); in terms of power , from small to large, from 60W (light flux: 5100Lm) to 300W (25500Lm) to choose from.

In addition, the whole lamp is treated by electrophoresis process, which has excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust functions,can adapt to a variety of complicated working environments, and can support a variety of power supply adaptations, without any “feeling”.

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