football stadium lights

With consistent and uniform lighting, the athlete’s skills will be used to their best advantage without distraction from unevenly lit playing surfaces.  LED sports stadium lighting systems can produce the same or better illumination at less than half the operating costs of traditional stadium lighting.

Stadium lighting and lighting construction, the use of contemporary international advanced new light source, high light effect lighting metal halide lamp new sealed aluminum alloy lamps, with light color, high efficiency, long life, power consumption, light weight, easy to use, good sealing performance, large lighting area and so on.

Stadium lighting Construction, the use of Light source, to ensure stable lighting, safe and reliable work, can make the lighting to achieve the best working conditions, applicable to stadiums, open-air stadium and other places to use.

Stadium lighting Scheme Tennis court lighting system, 1 standard tennis court Lighting 8 Group, Shanghai Asia-Ming brand. For night or need lighting, each set of 1 lamp, tennis court lighting system including light base facilities, lamps, lamp, power distribution system.

Stadium Lighting lighting construction, light illumination should be based on the use of different uses of the stadium, Wang AO Sports Electric Light source technical personnel specifically designed. Experience tells us that the average illumination of each tennis court should be above 600 lux.

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