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Based on the environmental characteristics of the ship itself, marine flood lights face a series of problems such as high temperature, high humidity, salt spray, and vibration. Compared to ordinary lamps, LED lamps can better adapt to harsh marine environments.

1. Earthquake resistance

As a solid-state light source, the LED is encapsulated in epoxy. The resin particles are not easily broken, and they are not volatilized or melted due to heat. There is also no loose part of the entire lamp body, which makes the LED difficult to damage. Compared with tungsten halogen lamps and fluorescent lamps, LED lamps can withstand the impact and vibration of higher strength machinery. In areas with large vibrations such as the engine room, the use of LED lamps can reduce the use of shock absorbers.


2. quick start

The starting time of LED luminaires is a nanosecond, which is the fastest response time of all light sources. It can completely replace the tungsten halogen or incandescent floodlights arranged near the lifeboat and the raft to meet the requirements for quick start of the luminaire during lifesaving. Moreover, the LED has a good low temperature starting effect, and can work normally at -30 ° C, which is better than -20 ° C of ordinary fluorescent lamps.

marine lights

3. long life

The life of LED lamps depends on the life of both LED light source and power conversion device. The design of reasonable marine LED lights , LED light source life is not less than 50,000 h, power conversion device according to the design of the advantages and disadvantages, the use of components of the grade is 20000-50000 h does not wait. At present, some domestic lighting manufacturers can guarantee the service life of the full lamp for 50000 h. Compared with the 3000 h of fluorescent lamps and the 1000 h service life of incandescent lamps, the use of LED lamps can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the lamps and the workload of the crew. Take a 1000 t-class official ship as an example. The indoor lighting of the whole ship adopts LED lamps, which have been in normal operation for two years. According to the feedback from the shipowners, there is no lamp damage.

4. energy saving

The high efficiency of LED luminaires is their greatest advantage in marine applications. Marine power stations, especially 220V for ships, have always been a concern of shipowners. The table below compares the efficiency of LED luminaires with other conventional marine lighting.

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