marine led lights

Razorlux Industrial Grade LED Marine Lights designed for the harshest environments. 100W to 1000W producing up to 140,000+ lumens. IP68 rated, with beam angles from 25 to 120 degrees.

Our Industrial Grade Marine LED Lights are designed for the harsh environments of industrial and marine environments. IP68 rated, with power options from 100W to 1000W and optic packages for spot to flood lighting. ETL Listed, these lights are designed to last and perform!

When you need powerful illumination at night, look no further than Durabrite for your marine flood lights. Keeping high-performance yet low energy consumption in mind, you can get marine floodlights with up to 50,000 lumens from Durabrite.

These floodlights are designed to withstand the harshest marine conditions, and produce wide reaching beams of light with ‘close to daylight’, cool white color temperature (5,700k). Working under this color of light reduces the fatigue and eye strain which comes with warmer color halogens.

As lobster boat captain says about Drurabrite’s marine flood lights, they will make any boat “light up like a Patriots game at night”.

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