marine led flood light

The advantages of marine led flood light than traditional lighting is obvious and has broad prospects for development, overall led has a long life, high efficiency, high-brightness, small footprint, at the same time its color and brightness can be controlled, soft color and rich advantages. 

So the LED in the ship application can make full use of its advantages to the ship and personnel to create a more efficient and appropriate lighting environment. The technical problem of LED as the lighting source of wholesale 12 volt led marine lights must be composed of a luminaire, an optical component, a structural shell, etc. 

The ship equipment is in the environment of large voltage fluctuation range, electromagnetic interference, vibration, shock, salt mist, high temperature and humidity, oil mist and mould, and puts forward higher requirements for the reliability and maintainability of the work of marine lighting equipment. LED as the advantage of the marine lighting lamps led the emergence of a green lighting environment, LED no infrared, ultraviolet and thermal radiation, no strobe, high reliability, long service life. 

At the same time, LED structure is small, easy to install, no noise characteristics, more suitable as a marine lighting source. As a marine led lights, LED has the following more obvious characteristics: 

(1) green Environmental protection, high safety. Traditional lamps contain a large number of poisonous gas and fragile glass, broken poisonous gas will evaporate into the air pollution environment, but led does not contain toxic gases, also does not contain lead, mercury and other heavy metals, to the environment to protect the role of the crew can create a green lighting environment. In the process of use, the traditional lamps will produce a lot of thermal energy, and LED lamps are all converted to light energy, will not cause the waste of power, as the ship’s lamps are not caused by electrostatic explosion hidden dangers; The LED light body itself uses epoxy resins rather than traditional glass, more robust and more secure 

(2) without noise, No radiation. LED lamps do not produce noise, very suitable for the cockpit, chart room and other needs of attention to the high concentration of the workplace and the rest of the crew.

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