badminton court lighting

What are the advantages of a badminton court lighting?

Many gymnasiums like to use row lamps as the main lighting lamps of the gymnasium, mainly considering the low price of row lamps and the low installation cost. But is this really the case with the actual installation?

Badminton court lighting is different from other gymnasiums in that it is strict in lighting, and requires the overall lighting to be uniform and coordinated. The average lighting intensity should meet the standard. And discharge lamp lighting is mainly installed over on both sides of the arena, so the lighting effect is easy to form the uneven stadium lighting, around the stadium brightness up to standard, and the middle of the court lights lighting illumination is insufficient, on the net and backcourt ball, easy to misjudge on placement of badminton and flight path. 

And because it is lamp row illume, the lamplight around lamps and lanterns falls is irradiated not, namely we often say “the lamp is black under the lamp”, the lamplight of the court is distributed not even, affect the sport of badminton amateur to play. In addition, the service life of the discharge lamp is another place, let a person for lamps are cheap, convenient assembly even small and medium-sized mills can produce, but it’s really hard to ensure the quality of the light, who do not want to buy it back after the installation of lamps and lanterns is less than a period of time to change again, are you? 

In addition, long time starting and frequent opening and closing, easy to burn the filament or electrode, shorten the service life of the lamp. The drain light is weak, even if used properly, it will also be caused by the problem of light decay, which will cause the light attenuation and insufficient light.

Therefore, professional badminton field lighting should be installed to ensure that the light reaches the standard while reducing the operating costs of the course. So what kind of badminton court lighting replacement row lamp well?

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