Wholesale Outdoor Led Tunnel Lights

As the new fourth-generation new lighting source, LED has advantages such as high pedestal luminous efficiency, long lifespan, low power consumption, and flexible form. The LED package structure is not intended to become a new force in lighting products, and it has been rapidly developed in recent years.

 (2) Low power consumption. Compared with the principle of traditional high-pressure sodium lamp, fluorescent lamp 1 LED light source, LED tunnel light has a good energy-saving effect. Because the LED is a solid-state semiconductor device, it can be directly driven by direct current. The voltage deviation range of the alternating current supply main line is wider, and the electric energy is converted into light energy. The core light emitting part is made of P-type and is helpful to reduce power supply. Cable section, thereby reducing engineering investment. P-N junction dies consisting of an N-type semiconductor.

(3) Long service life. The LED light source is small in size, light in weight, and emits light when minority carriers are combined with majority carriers. Epoxy resin encapsulation can withstand high-strength mechanical shock and vibration. The wavelength range of the visible light spectrum is not 380~760nm. It is broken and the service life is up to 50 h. (The luminous flux maintenance rate is not lower than the seven-color light that human eyes can feel. Each of the seven colors of light is 70%), which helps reduce maintenance costs and reduce maintenance. It is a monochromatic light.

(4) Flexible light distribution. LED luminaires can be color-matched according to demand because white light is not monochromatic light, but a variety of monochromatic light synthesizes light, and precise control is performed according to the directionality of LED light emission, and composite light is to be used. According to research, the white light that human eyes can see, at least the glare is reduced to the minimum, to meet the needs of engineering lighting. The LED tunnel lighting needs two kinds of light mixing, that is, two-wavelength emission (blue light + yellow light structure and light distribution curve is shown in Fig. 2), or three-wavelength light emission (blue light + green light + red light)

 (5) Green. The LED is a full-solid emitter that is resistant to impact. At present, LED tunnel lighting sources usually use blue light technology to fight against crushing, waste can be recycled, do not contain harmful elements such as mercury, and form white light in combination with phosphors. By changing the chemical composition of the phosphor, harmful gases do not affect the environment.

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