Floodlights In Stadiums

What Are The Alternatives To Floodlights In Stadiums?

Stadium lighting is not just installing the flood lamps onto the ceiling. Before that, we need to have a very clear photometric design to have the best lighting outcome. There are many types of projects such as new light installation, LED replacement, color changing lighting design and etc.

When comparing with the traditional lighting fixtures such as HPS, halogen, metal halide and fluorescent, LED lights are better for stadium and spacious sports field. It is because it shines the football field further and brighter and reduce the power consumption at the same time. It significantly saves electricity cost on lighting for football, baseball, or cricket stadium.

What are LED flood lights?

LED flood lights are high powered lights that are mainly used to illuminate large areas and provide security lighting. Because they produce instant powerful light across a wide beam angle.

Our LED flood lights come in all shapes and sizes to suit different spaces. From large-scale car parks and stadiums to the domestic garden. LED flood lights are fantastic sources of powerful light in all kinds of environments.

Although they are primarily used outdoors, you may also find them located in indoor spaces such as warehouses or showrooms.

Razorlux LED Stadium Light 200W – Best Cheap Stadium Floodlights

The Razorlux LED light is one of the best deals in the market suitable for lighting up wide sport arenas. Equipped with a 200W LED and 60 degrees color beam; it provides great light for the darkest places whether a sport court, stadium, barn or rural area.

Irrespective of the weather, it is effective and efficient in lightning up these areas since it is an IP67 waterproof light. The times of paying so much for low lights are absolutely over as it cuts down energy by 75 percent. Above all, it features a whopping 5-year unlimited warranty.

Lux level requirements for stadium

You may come across the “lux” requirement in the tender. Lux is the unit of illuminance, which indicates the brightness on the ground. Besides, for the professional football field such as FIFA World Cup and Premium League home stadium, the illuminance will be further classified into two categories namely horizontal and vertical illumination.

Horizontal means the football field. For the Elite Level A stadium, the lux should exceed 2000 lux (you can imagine the indoor daytime brightness is about 200 to 300 lux).

Vertical means the lighting on the football players. For the highest standard, it should have at least 1000 lux. And thus, you can see the whole lighting product is not just buying and putting the high power led flood lights on stadium roof. Instead, we need proper lighting design. We are a group of lighting professionals offering free photometric design service. You are welcome to shoot us a message by using the form.

Why choose LED flood lights as stadium lights?

Bright, quality light

For a long time, people thought LEDs didn’t offer the same brightness and quality as incandescent. Now, we know that couldn’t be more wrong.

Low running costs

Flood lights would normally consume a huge amount of energy and cost a fortune to run. This is where LED flood lights come in.

Renowned for energy efficiency, LED can reduce energy usage by up to 80% compared to traditional types of lighting. Making them ideal flood lights to illuminate large spaces, for a long time, at a fraction of the running costs. Whilst also helping to reduce carbon emissions. In fact, a Razorlux 100W LED SMD Floodlight produces light equivalent to a 500W Halogen Floodlight.

Long lifespan

The lifespan of LED lighting is also far superior to other alternatives, with an expected lifespan of around 50,000 hours compared to Halogen lighting, which only lasts for around 3,000 hours.

Most sports stadiums and indoor arenas use high intensity discharge (HID) lamps for almost all of their overhead lighting needs. On average, LED stadium lights have much higher wattage than other outdoor lighting applications such as billboards, roadways, and parking lots. While HID lamps are very efficient, they require significant time to warm up and achieve full brightness after being extinguished. This characteristic contributed to the length of the delay in last Sunday’s Super Bowl game after a power disruption knocked out some of the stadium lighting in the Superdome.

If you need LED stadium lights, please contact us at info@razorlux.com.

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