led tunnel light fixtures

Because of the underground reason, the highway tunnel structure needs to use the corresponding illumination equipment to help the illumination, in order to realize the passing mother. and led tunnel lighting because of the high brightness, the use of a long time, and energy-saving advantages are used in highway tunnel lighting. Therefore, this paper mainly introduces the characteristics of LED lighting fixtures, and tells the advantages of LED tunnel lighting fixture features. 

According to the characteristics of highway tunnel selection of lighting equipment and applications, and the use of the problems arising from the analysis and resolution. Highway tunnel in expressway structure is also an important part of the whole highway structure, and its construction process is comparatively complicated compared with ordinary section. For example, highway tunnels in the air environment and brightness are very poor, tunnel space width, height and so very limited, so there is no extra space to expand.

Therefore, it is necessary to provide sufficient brightness in highway tunnels for the safety of vehicles. In addition, because the tunnel interior needs to install a large number of lighting, electricity consumption is very high. In recent years, most of the domestic highway tunnel lighting is the use of high-pressure sodium lamps, the need for lighting costs are very large. Therefore, it is one of the problems that the peer enterprises pay close attention to to explore the method to help reduce the lighting cost.

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