Wholesale brightest led flood light

LED floodlight is a kind of LED lamps and lanterns, has been applied in various fields, its main advantages are as follows: 

1, the light evenly soft, will be led out of the light control within the needs, improve the lighting effect of the light efficiency of the uniformity and energy utilization; 

2, Wholesale brightest led flood light bead and aluminum substrate closely fitting, At the same time, the aluminum substrate is directly connected with the heat dissipation housing, with the air convection heat, it can effectively dissipate heat and ensure the life of the light source. 

3, lens or transparent parts are used anti-aging silicone rubber seal belt, make the lamp sealing to achieve the best, can be used in high humidity environment;

4, start without delay, power can reach the normal brightness, without waiting , the number of switches can reach more than million;

5, a wide range of applications to meet the single building, historical buildings outside the wall lighting, the building of light and external lighting, industrial lighting, indoor lighting, landscape lighting, billboards lighting, medical culture and other specialized facilities lighting, bars, dance halls and other entertainment atmosphere lighting, etc. 

6, The service life can achieve life-long maintenance-free, to achieve a true sense of green environmental protection and energy-saving commercial outdoor led flood light fixtures.

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