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The Standard Of Tennis Court Lighting Arrangement

This program is a set of 8 special lighting solutions for tennis courts. It adopts standard configuration pole height: 6 meters, light source power: 400W lamps: 8 sets of lighting fixtures for tennis courts are evenly arranged to ensure that the venues are evenly distributed and the light distribution is reasonable. Must be a standard venue, the average illuminance can reach more than 300 lx, to meet the needs of the general competition (mainly applicable: fee-type venues, gymnasium training grounds, amateur competition venues).

It is not recommended that the headlights of large stadium-type stadium headlights be designed, so no matter which angle the headlights are at, the athletes will be more or less disturbed by the dazzling of the headballs. It is advisable to set up softer lighting that shines sideways into the court on the right and left sides of the badminton vocal (ie, on both sides of the longer sides), and the light color is preferably white rather than yellow. In addition, the color of the walls and the top of the arena (ie, the position of the ceiling) is also important. It is recommended to set it to light blue or light green.

(1) See clearly the tennis in the sport and the rebound of the ball on the ground.

(2) Avoid glare and create a good environment.

The outdoor aluminum alloy tennis court lighting system has a high brightness, no glare, and a comfortable color temperature lamp installation position is designed by the US manufacturer’s lamp power 1000W.

(3) The lighting system is economical and easy to clean and maintain.

Design method

1) In order to avoid solar strings, outdoor tennis courts lighting should be oriented from north to south. If there are buildings around them, they can be discussed separately.

2) Rainfall drainage problem: In order to ensure the normal use of the restored site in the shortest time, the International Network Association stipulates that the slope of the outdoor site is horizontal and the slope is not more than 8%.

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