energy saving warehouse lighting

Requirements and attention of warehouse lighting: 

(1) Before the installation must be inspected lamp conductors, fasteners, connectors, and clear installation sequence, 

(2) Inspection workshop decoration lamps have no exposure of the wire or live connected metal, the lamp phase line whether into the central terminal, Fixed lamp seat of the nylon expansion tube has no quality problems, lamp base material, lamp rated voltage current, the power of the factory warehouse lighting,insulation shell has no damage. 

(3) Expansion pipe diameter and impact drilling must match, is prohibited because the hole is too large and with wood chips and other material liner; 

(4) If the grating is a precast piece, it is strictly prohibited to use wood tenon when drilling holes , must be equipped with hanging parts, 

(5) If the embedded parts are not installed, you can not install heavy lamps, 

(6) If the high bay led warehouse lighting, regardless of wire or chain must have sufficient strength, and the power cord should not be tightened. I hope my answer will help you.

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