LED Canopy Lights

In large-scale open areas such as industrial plants, logistics centers, and supermarkets, space lighting that meets the sales of production services has always played an important and special role. It is also an extremely widely used application for LED canopy lights. Subject to the breadth and height of the space, the owners have put forward quite high requirements for the lamps required to meet the lighting standards. High-brightness output, easy installation and commissioning, energy saving and environmental protection have all become factors influencing the purchase.

LED canopy lights are square fixtures which mount to the ceiling and are frequently used as commercial parking lot lighting fixtures. They are completely sealed to prevent dirt and bugs from getting inside the light. A one-piece heavy duty cast aluminum housing is polyester powder coated which protects against rust and corrosion.

LED canopy light
LED canopy light

Types of Canopy Lights Available

The main type of LED lighting that businesses often utilize is canopy lighting. AS mentioned, you find these types of lights installed at gas stations and inside covered parking garages. Canopy lights are often installed in areas over the gas pumps, or in the driving aisles of parking garages. These lights can last for many years and provide a significant improvement in lighting for your customers and employees. LED street lights and parking lot lights (shoe boxes) are also ideal for the perimeter areas of outdoor businesses. Using a combination of LED lights on the premises, you'll be able to lower expenses almost immediately. Whether you need LED  gas station canopy lights , gas station shoebox lights, or other lights for your parking garage, we have everything you need and to make sure you get great results from our products for many years.

More Uniform Lighting

These kinds of lights have higher Color Rendering Index (CRI), which ensures much better visibility in the areas you set these up in. There is more even brightness from this type of fixture. Thus, these are very useful for illuminating slightly dark areas with plenty of objects and obstacles – such as garden spaces.

canopy light

Immediate Illumination

Unlike fluorescent or incandescent lights, there is no need to wait for the lights to come to full power. These are powered by Instant on LED Technology, and you do not have to make any allowance for warm up period. The energy of these lights can be managed easily. Many of these lights are designed to be used outdoors in unconditioned or unheated spaces, tunnels, streets, parking lots and commercial areas where lighting is needed in low – medium heights.

Sustains Rough Areas and Surroundings

You do not have to worry about the performance and durability of these lights, as these offer excellent efficiency in even cold areas. Even in harsh areas in the outdoor ambience, you can expect the lights to last well and for a long time. There are friendly to harsh and cold climate, and even in freezing weather.

Safe and Clean Lighting

These types of lights offer safe and clean illumination. There is better much lifespan than standard metal halide, fluorescent or incandescent lights that burn out too easily. The lights offer superior performance and can illuminate stores and gas stations with ease. When hanged from the top of stores, these illuminants ensure an inviting, clean and safe environment. There is better sales and improved sense of security for store owners as well as customers.

Longer Lifespan

The lights work for as many as 50,000 hours at a stretch, on an average, which is much better improvement over traditional bulbs that have been used for so long. These can offer dependable performance even in areas where regular bulbs are damaged by vibrations. LED fixtures are very useful for harsh areas that make standard lighting solutions fizzle out before long.

Lowered Light Pollution

These types of lights do not contain any hazardous material, such as lead, mercury or anything that can pollute the environment in case the lights are disposed of in the open. Such kinds of illuminants are "Dark Sky Compliant", which means these abide by the requirements of IDA (International Dark Sky Association) for lowering ambient light wastage. Lights that are part of this category come in optimum wattage limits and are fully shielded. These maintain the natural night sky ambiance and reduce light pollution as much as possible.

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