High mast led flood light

High mast led flood light usually refers to the installation of a group of lamps in the height of more than 20m (including 20m) poles for large area lighting and outdoor lighting. The lamp is the mostly liftable type.

       The high mast lighting is suitable for: squares, airports, wide roads, ports, three-dimensional intersections, stadiums and other places that require large areas of lighting.

High pole lighting features:

      1, the quality of the high mast led flood light is good, creating a similar daylight effect. By adjusting the distribution of the lamps, uniform illumination can be achieved, reducing or avoiding glare. By adjusting the power and the number of lamps, you can obtain the ideal illuminance.

      2. The pole is far away from the road (10m away). It is convenient for installation and maintenance. It does not affect traffic and avoids traffic accidents such as the crash.

      3. It can save floor space and reduce the duplication of lamp pole cables and infrastructure. The most suitable light source for led high mast light: LED floodlight with 400w-600w is the most economical, in the occasion of high color rendering requirements such as a stadium, airport, square, also can choose high power led pole lamp.

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