indoor sports stadium lighting

Badminton, table tennis and other types of spheres in the air is multi-directional, multi-angle flight, playing athletes are multi-angle, multi-phase, with different speeds of movement, the human eye and badminton and table tennis is always a tracking capture Focus on the imaging process. The athlete’s playing process is

Track the ball flight path and air navigation process. According to indoor sports stadium lighting characteristics, badminton hall and table tennis hall and other indoor sports venues lighting quality goals are as follows: In the overall stadium light to reach the daylight. Light color white, pure color, bright and clear. Light stable, smooth, no fluctuations, no stroboscopic hazards; sports lighting does not produce glare, no glare hazards, sports venues lighting

Dazzling, not dazzling, not dazzling, not dazzling; to ensure that badminton and table tennis room in the air flight path true, not tail, not ghost, the air set is a bit true and accurate. Players hit the ball accurate, play stable, visual comfort. Not tired.

Indoor badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, tennis and other led stadium lighting. There are several lighting effects that it should achieve. However, from the practical point of view of practical exercises, it is not appropriate to adopt a one-size-fits-all rigid index for the indoor sports venues where folk body exercises and leisure functions are performed. According to investment conditions, playing basketball players and many other technical and economic factors, within a reasonable range by the investment managers to determine. Meet the use is practical, practical is good. A lot of indoor badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, tennis court lighting cases show that: indoor sports fitness gymnasium lighting, to grasp the following five aspects of lighting quality, lighting effects of its venues can reach a certain level, we can meet Play exercise requirements.

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