High output LED high mast lighting

Features of led high mast light

High output LED high mast lighting is used for highways, roads and other places of a lighting. The illumination area is big, the illumination effect is good, the light source concentrates, the illumination uniformity, the glare is small, easy to control, the maintenance. 

The electric lifting operation is convenient, the lamp plate rises to the work position, can automatically take off the lamp plate, the hook, the steel wire rope unloading. Lighting control is divided into hand control, light control, time control and micro-computer control. Light pole for high-quality Q235 Steel China led trading Network board molded into a pyramid-shaped plug-type rigid rod, hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment. Light plate skeleton with high-quality type just made, after hot galvanizing treatment. 

Led high mast light uses the high mast light is suitable for the public works, the highway, the overpass, the parking lot, the stadium, the freight yard, the harbor, the airport and the citizen Leisure Square and so on outdoor illumination project. Electrical Installation Instructions Electrical Installation: High pressure sodium lamp or high-mast lighting treatment ballast, trigger installed in the lamp plate. Replace or repair the light source and other electrical appliances with a special wrench to open the electrical door. The control box is arranged in the lower part of the light pole or in the light pole. Special note: The basis of the factory to provide additional drawings produced. The lamp body must be safely grounded during installation.

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