marine led lights for boats

Marine led lights for boats as a new type of green light source, with the expansion of the scope of the application of ships, gradually become the focus of users. This paper mainly introduces the characteristics of the LED lamps and lanterns, analyzes the application of the marine led flood lights in the ship and relevant regulations and specifications, and provides reference for the selection of marine led lights. 

In recent years in the field of ships, LED lighting with its incomparable advantages, the rapid occupation of some traditional marine lighting market. On the ship energy-saving requirements to mention Gao, the world’s gradual ban on incandescent lamps, further promote the Marine L ed lamps promotion. Led large-scale application of dry marine led spotlights for boats is an inevitable trend. 

irst, what are the characteristics of marine LED lights?

1 lamps in the form of the current marine LED lamps have two forms: one is the direct use of mature LED bulbs, tubes, internal power conversion device, the advantages are convenient and quick, do not change the original shape design of the lamp, can be easily implemented on the old ship led dress up, the other is SMD-type LED lamps, All LED light source directly welded in the inner shell of the lamp, from the Power conversion unit Unified power supply, the advantage is that the integration of lamps and lanterns better efficiency. This article mainly discusses the second kind of SMD LED lamps. 

2 power supply for SMD LED lamps, marine led flood lights source can not directly use the AC power on board, the need for power conversion devices, to provide its required voltage, current. And most of the current marine LED lighting design, when the power conversion device failure, the crew can not change their own. 3 Heat-cooling LED lamp heating source including LED light source and power conversion device, relative to incandescent, high-pressure sodium lamps and other ordinary waterproof led lights for boats, LED lamps, light heating is small, but the LED is very sensitive to temperature, heat dissipation will lead to light decay, the service life significantly reduced. 

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