Indoor Badminton Court Led Lighting

Glare, glare, discomfort, brightness is not enough …, metal halide lamps, LED lights and so on, badminton court What kind of lights? Choosing the right lighting-has become the most common problem and trouble in the operation and construction of badminton stadiums. Whether or not to solve these problems, but also become a professional lighting stadium is one of the signs. 

This article from standards of indoor badminton court lighting, characteristics and influential factors, related to badminton venues special lights Badminton venues special lighting indoor badminton venues, but also introduced special lighting badminton court and its performance in the Badminton field illumination. 

Characteristics of indoor badminton court led lighting is usually used in the lighting of three forms: natural lighting, artificial lighting and the combination of the two combined lighting. In the modern badminton field, no matter what way, all should make the athlete can accurately judge the pitch, the altitude and the landing, the first is to maximize the use of natural light, natural light effect is the best, of course, to prevent glare, can not let too strong light direct or reflect to the eye. The second is to increase the illumination stability and distribution uniformity, coordination and so on. This is not only good for athletes, but also for the accurate assignment of referees and the appreciation of the audience is very important. Therefore, the choice of the badminton field lamp directly affects the quality and effect of the badminton field illumination.

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