color rendering of the stadium lighting

Mild color rendering of the stadium lighting design of the light source color Moderate color index and the scope of application is very directly related. International Lighting Committee requires light temperature between 3000~ 6000K, the general competition is from the afternoon until dusk, at this time the sky color temperature in 4000~ 6000K, so the general requirements of color temperature greater than 4000K. 

The higher the color-rendering index of the light source, the better the color rendering, while the TV relay has a good color reduction, so the color-rendering index of the light source has certain requirements. International competitions, the need for Television (color) broadcast venues 90≥ra≥80;

At home and abroad competitions, training and other places 80> ra≥60, training and other places 60> ra≥40. The colour index of the standard stadium is ra≥80.

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