led seaport lighting fixtures

With the development of the national economy, the role of the port terminal as a transportation hub is increasingly important. As a distribution center for goods and passengers, the port terminal provides an important role for the berthing, loading and unloading of goods, and for passengers. The loading and unloading tools of the port terminal are mainly gantry cranes. At present, the operation and production of the domestic port terminals adopt the 24H all-weather operation mode. High-quality led seaport lighting fixtures are one of the necessary conditions for guaranteeing normal operation of the gantry cranes at night.

 Port terminal lighting selection considerations:
 1, high power: As the height of the gantry crane is about tens of meters, with a wide range of features, a wide range of operating characteristics, in order to meet the illumination requirements of the work surface, the general lighting power to More than 400W.

 2. Long life: Due to the high height of the crane, it is not easy to repair the lamp after it is damaged, so it is necessary to install a lamp with a long service life.

 3. Safe and reliable: There are various types of goods on the port terminal and the environment is complex. Safe and reliable high mast port lighting need to be configured to ensure the lighting safety of the port terminal and prevent fire accidents caused by the short circuit of the lamps. 4, high degree of protection: the port is in a humid environment all year round, so the waterproof and dustproof level of the lamps and lanterns are required to be higher, and the lamps with high protection level can prevent the water vapor from entering the interior of the lamp body and prolong the service life of the lamps. 

The lamp shell is made of high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting, and the outer surface is treated by high-voltage electrostatic spray to improve the overall anti-corrosion level of the product. The whole lamp has an independent cooling system, the drive is an external type, and the internal power supply uses a plastic seal design to play a role in heat dissipation. Waterproof effect, make the lamp’s protection grade reach IP65, without fear of the wet environment of the port terminal.

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