Table Tennis Stadium Lighting

According to the rules of table tennis, the illumination measured from the height of the competition table shall not be less than 1000 lux in the world and the Olympic Games, and the illumination of the entire game table shall be even, and the illumination in other parts of the competition shall not be less than 500 lux; in other competitions, the game table The illuminance shall not be less than 600 lux, and the illumination of the entire game shall be uniform. 

The illuminance of the rest of the competition area shall not be less than 400 lux. The lighting level of table tennis lighting,when using multiple tables shall be the same, the background lighting of the competition hall shall not be higher than the minimum illumination of the competition area, the light source shall not be less than 5 meters from the ground, and the lamps shall not have glare. In general, the requirements for illumination of stadiums for training and entertainment are low. The illumination of the table is not less than 300 lux, and the installation height is not less than 3 meters, which does not cause glare to the athletes.

      First, starry cloth light way of table tennis led lighting

Lamps installed on the ceiling, easy installation and maintenance; suitable for small and medium sized table tennis

      Second, Ma Dabu lamp mode

Lamps are installed on the stands around the court; suitable for large and medium-sized table tennis halls

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